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TCM Eye Bo Jin Therapy

TCM Eye Bo Jin Therapy


TCM Eye Gua Sha Therapy


TCM Body Bo Jin Therapy


TCM Face Gua Sha Therapy


TCM Face Bo Jin Therapy


TCM Eye Bo Jin Therapy

“No more dull and tired eyes after just one session.”

Around our eyes, there is a distribution of important meridian points. Furthermore, poor liver and kidney metabolism, and deficiencies are reflected directly in the eyes. One’s lack of ‘Chi Xue’ and tiredness can easily be seen through the eyes.

Our treatment effectively drains away puffiness, improves blood circulation, erases fine lines, and restores the sparkle to your eyes. Not only does it help rejuvenate your eyes, but it also prevents poor vision, short-sightedness, stroke, wrinkles, and more!

Treatment effects:

  • Unclogs meridian channels to improve clarity of sight, eye pain, teary or dry eyes.
  • Corrects puffiness around the eye areas.
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Lightens pigmentation and reduces dark circles.
  • Significantly helps the eye area to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


$88, $68(First Trial)