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Anti-Stress Ear Candling Therapy

Anti-Stress Ear Candling Therapy


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Anti-Stress Ear Candling Therapy

Ear Candling, also known as ear coning, is a practice that employs a special candle to draw out ear wax and other debris from the inner ear.

As the candle burns, it creates a slight suction that pulls wax out of the ear. Additionally, the heat from the melting candle may soften earwax, facilitating its removal in the subsequent days.

Our treatment includes our signature detoxification massage of the face, head, and shoulders.

Immediate results include a sense of relaxation and improved hearing after a session!

Treatment effects:

  • Removing wax and debris from the ear
  • Improving hearing
  • Enhancing blood circulation and vision
  • Relieving headaches and sinus pressure
  • Alleviating jaw aches and swimmer’s ear
  • Providing relaxation and stress relief


$68, $58(First Trial)